Welcome back

It’s been a while, sorry about that. I’ve no doubt Covid has had an impact on everybody’s lives, and being a small team, that’s certainly had a knock-on effect. I hope all our readers are safe & well in these crazy times, in the meantime I extend my best wishes to everyone’s family & friends.

The feedback we have received for our little project has been utterly overwhelming - it gives us great pleasure to know we’ve managed to supply some much needed escapism to so many people and it spurs us on to do even better. To all of you that have viewed, shared or written in, an absolutely huge thank you, it truly makes the long nights worthwhile. We’ve taken on board your input and I’m pleased to announce the incorporation of several changes. Being digital, RUSH is a fluid concept – your thoughts are vital to a better readership experience so please keep them coming, the community is a big part of what we do.

One such change is Buying Power, a regular guide featuring some of the smartest ‘buy now & sell for more twelve months later’ guilt free motoring investments – first up is the Honda S2000. I’m also pleased to announce John Bee, Chris Tsoi & Tim Dunlop have come on board as new features writers. Their flair for the written word and strong opinions will give us some much needed strength in depth. I’d also like to introduce Matthew Hardwick,, Jonathan Benjamin and Al Withheld as contributors. Last but not least is a new superstar snapper. He goes by the name of Andrew Ambrose from Justy Media. He debuts alongside Chris in his review on the iconic Impreza P1. In fact, every car driven this issue encapsulates what driving is all about for us.

Sadly because of Covid, we haven’t been able to deliver a special group test or justify an expansive road trip story for this edition. Instead we’ve decided to double down on the individual car reviews and promise to make it up to you down the line. One thing we’d love to do is involve more cars from the late 80’s & early 90’s, so if you are in possession of the keys to something interesting I once again urge you to get in touch. You can reach us at contact@rushmagazine.co.uk.

I’m also overjoyed to unveil Fast Club – an eclectic fleet of cars from our extended network that promises to hold no punches on the reality and running costs of some of our favourite drivers' cars. We have even bigger plans for the future and I hope you continue to keep us company for the journey.