So…I did a thing, as much as I loved my 993 Carrera 2, the call for a big winged Clubsport spec car just got louder and louder, the caveat being it had to be a bright colour. As the former owner says, it wasn’t for sale but like most things…right time right place and I was able to demonstrate my enthusiasm to become the new custodian. It started life as a Speed Yellow C2 manual and over a few years and as per a legendary build thread (the Jackals forge) it evolved into this monster. Many consider it the most accurate 993 RS Clubsport build known. (I believe only 23 RHD RS CS built from factory). What sets it apart from most “tributes” is that it contains a genuine RS 3.8 engine.

So here it is! It was delivered early February from Scotland (my last 3 cars have come from north of the border). Frustratingly for me it was delivered 2 days before a surprise holiday to Jamaica, I’m asking for no sympathy here. But the weather was good on delivery day and a good friend Maris (another CSL driver), so we went out for a coffee and drive. Obviously first day, it was a gentle introduction despite everything telling me this was a very capable car that would reward me with harder driving. The chatter of that single mass flywheel when you lift off the clutch, and that pure flat six engine unleashed and not dampened by sound proofing is quite something. The driving position in those Recaro pole positions is quite something also.

So after a week of looking at photos of it from a Caribbean beach, it was time to take it out again. This time for a longer getting acquainted drive down to the Car Audio Security cars and coffee season opener in Hayes, West London. A great turnout of all genres and marques. I was incredibly fortunate to receive the Meguiar's prize for car of the meet. I’m not great with attention, the car suggests otherwise, but I’ve bought it due to the passion I have for it, and for me it’s the halo moment of air-cooled 911s. On a sunny day this experience takes some beating. So the next day I displayed it at the Bicester Heritage we are scramblers Hagerty in the hangar meet for 90s cars. What a weekend! It definitely stands out for sure, I had a few ‘did I see you on the M40?’ messages.

As I write this I’m on the train down to Oxfordshire to collect it from a service and check-over at Wrightune who came recommended through friends and I’m aware of their involvement with the 9WERKS channel. This Sunday I’m off to the Peak District for a meet called ‘Porkers in the peaks’ involving some spirited driving with friends old and new. As you can tell, I’m cramming it in currently. Smiles per miles guaranteed, which is a rather good thing looking at the petrol prices!

Dr. George Smith

Images courtesy of Maris Saulits