Andrew from @justy_media introduces his long term project car.

Me & this particular Legacy go way – over 14 years. It was originally my father’s car, and if you’ve read Craig’s column you’ll know what that means to me. He casually cast it aside when he impulsively bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee V8, which promptly sent a con rod out of the side of the engine block. Instead of logically returning to the B-Spec, he bought another Subaru on the fly, this time a 2006 Outback. Thus I inherited the Legacy by default, becoming the most smitten student on planet Earth.

Much like Craig, I still vividly remember the day my dad purchased the car, and I’ve always harboured a soft spot for it. On the same day I was surprised with a copy of the game Need for Speed Prostreet. It quickly became my favourite game of all time, and the Subaru my all-time favourite car. And now I own it…Coincidence? I think not!

The car is currently in the ‘project’ stage of its lifecycle, safely cocooned in my garage. I never had any intention to modify the car, but the frustrating unavailability of OEM parts has forced me down the restore & improve route. So far the Legacy sports an uprated in-tank fuel pump, an Exedy clutch plus a custom, manifold back stainless steel exhaust that’s retained the serviced of all three catalytic converters. Thus the output is a very mild, factory rated 260bhp and 230lb-ft. There are also minor cosmetic differences in the form of black paint for the grill and bonnet scoop, tinted rear windows and a rear wiper delete because the motor failed.

There is sadly another reason the car is off the road – on November the 7th 2019 the car was involved in a road traffic accident – not guilty – which consequently wrote the car off. But after some battling with the insurance company, they agreed to pay out for the car and change the category of repair so that it could be legally fixed and returned to the road.

As for the future plans for the car, the overall goal is to turn it into a GTB replica, which includes new front and rear bumpers, grill, spoiler, painted door mouldings as well as painted side skirts and adding mud flaps. I will also be seeking out period correct JDM mods for the car. If you have something interesting tucked away, you can reach me here –

My hit list includes as many Zerosports, Blitz, G-Reddy and Syms Racing items as possible to fit to the car. It will also be getting a full suspension and brake overhaul, refreshing all the bushes, fitting refurbished arms and Impreza WRX STI brakes all-round with stainless steel pistons and braided lines. I won’t go too crazy in the damping department – I still want to retain the base OEM comfort and driving feel that I love, the aim is just to up the precision a fraction. This will occur via select polyethylene bushes, camber bolts, camber plates and maybe adjustable rear arms. Stay tuned to see the progress!

Andrew Ambrose