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A supercharged V12 restomod: Introducing the TWR Supercat


A supercharged V12 restomod: Introducing the TWR Supercat

TWR Supercat

TWR is back from the dead with the Supercat, a new Jaguar XJS-based restomod powered by a monster supercharged V12. Aaron Stokes takes a detailed look at the project evoking TWR's motorsport heyday.

When I first saw images of the TWR Supercat, I had to pick my jaw back up off the floor. Once I did this, I then looked into what is hidden under the bonnet which resulted in me having to pick my jaw back up once again.

In a world where we are seeing cars launched with smaller engines, automatic gearboxes and turbochargers, the Supercat has decided to ignore all of these. It comes with a six-speed manual gearbox and a supercharged V12 producing in excess of 600bhp. Before you go back and re-read that, you did read it right the first time.

However, if you do want one, I know I do, you need to be quick as only 88 are being produced to celebrate the 1988 Le Mans win in the TWR Jaguar XJR-9. Like a lot of the restomods that are making their way to the market, you can go as personal as you like with the Supercat. 

Now you may be thinking how much this will set me back. I hope you’re sat down for this because the Supercat starts at £225,000. If you ask me that has to be one of the best value for money restomods you can get. 

TWR Supercat

When reading about the car, I was thinking surely this all sounds too good to be true. However, the more I read into this car, the better it gets and the more I wish my bank account has a few extra zeros so I can join one of the lucky 88 who will get a Supercat.

The Supercat has had no expense spared during its development as some of the most recognised names in motorsport have been through the development process. These include: McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Williams, Mercedes F1 and Renault F1.

Oh and also a certain Mr Magnus Walker was involved in the design of the car, as a Design Consultant. So it is safe to say that those who have put their orders in will be having quite the driving experience when they sit behind the wheel.

TWR have carried out a lot of extensive work on the Supercat. Just one example of this is the now full carbon-fibre body. While they have re-sculpted, you can instantly recognise the classic lines of the XJS. It still retains the iconic flying buttresses, yet somehow everything is turned perfectly up to 11. From the aggressive yet beautifully sculptured front splitter, the widened hips, a substantial power bulge for the bonnet and, perfectly integrated rear duck-tail style spoiler the Supercat really is one of my personal favourite restomod cars currently available.

A personal favourite design feature on the Supercat is it has side exit exhausts. Yes that’s right, a feature that is so rarely seen on anything other than a Caterham. As well, a feature I don’t normally like yet really works on the Supercat is the aero discs on the wheels. They have managed to transform what the XJS into an out and out brute. 

We have to wait until the summer to see what the interior will look like when the car makes its public debut. If the exterior is anything to go by we should be in store for a treat. 

For the price point of the TWR Supercat, I would invite you to suggest what else is currently for sale that you feel would be a suitable rival for the Supercat.

TWR Supercat
TWR Supercat

Written by

Aaron Stokes


24 May 2024

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