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An Introduction to Rush Magazine: Driving Enthusiasm


An Introduction to Rush Magazine: Driving Enthusiasm

Introduction to Rush Magazine

Welcome to RUSH… The new online publication and print magazine for the driving enthusiast.

I’ll cut to the chase. Nobody here is a professional journalist or writer, we’re just a bunch of hard-core Petrolheads asking you to ride shotgun as we try and string a-few sentences together. We still believe in the written word over any ‘influence’ of social media. To think that we could do a better job than the professional road testers and journalists out there would be an insult to their work. To hope that we can inspire a-few of you to not trade in your performance car for something more appropriate to the current driving climate, but to actually get back behind the wheel just for the hell of it? Well that would be the ultimate compliment. Driving pleasure still exists despite car enthusiasm coming under threat from all angles, we all just have to work a little harder to find it.

Introduction to Rush Magazine; Mission Statement

So, what’s our mission statement? I’m not going to make any secret of the fact that we are massively inspired by EVO magazine & spiritual predecessor Performance Car. Throw in a little bit of Modern Classics and a pinch of Motorpunk into the cocktail shaker and hopefully RUSH is the spirit that emerges. We’re not interested in wall-to-wall supercars & watches.

Introduction to Rush Magazine

Introduction to Rush Magazine

Numbers and data can help quantify performance, but we get more excited about how a car makes you feel. Around this brief we’ll include stories about iconic car people, motorsport hero’s and throw in the occasional epic adventure, such as our first 5,500-word feature across the west coast of Scotland. Also, we figure there’s no point in having a news section as the internet will render any information second-hand by the time we go to 'press’.

Speaking of that, we would have dearly loved to have made this publication in print, but finances simply won’t permit. Perhaps one day. (that day has come!!!) On the bright side, digital has several great advantages besides cost, the first of which is we can keep all back issues available. The second is any magazine that enthuses over swilling high octane should recgnise the responsibility to be as carbon neutral as possible, and digital allows us to minimize our footprint.

Introduction to Rush Magazine; We Need Your Help

Before you get stuck in, allow me to make an appeal. Since we aren’t a known entity or come complete with an army of followers, our name isn’t on any manufacturers list. Hopefully, this means you can trust our word, but to keep the fire alive we need your help and much valued input. If you have an interesting car or perhaps even an article of your own please get in touch.

Please enjoy our humble magazine production. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Craig, founder

Introduction to Rush Magazine

Written by

Craig Toone


7 February 2021

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