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Report: Lexus is finally replacing the LFA


Report: Lexus is finally replacing the LFA

Toyota GR GT3 concept

There have always been rumours since the departure of the LFA that Lexus will replace their iconic V10 supercar. Now with the Toyota GR GT3 concept planning to race, a road going version will have to be produced for homologation. Aaron Stokes explores.

Ever since we saw the LFA, it left us wanting more from Lexus. Twelve years since production ended, we may finally be getting that, thanks to Toyota wanting to turn their GR GT3 Concept into a reality. In order to go racing, a road going version needs to be produced - much like how the Porsche 911 GT3 exists to allow the 911 RSR to compete on track. This is where Lexus steps in, as they are needing a replacement for the RC F GT3. 

So what do we know about this new car? Firstly, Lexus filed for a trademark for “LFR” and “Lexus LFR” back in October 2022. This was the first hint of an LFA-replacement coming to fruition, but Lexus has some rather large shoes to fill. There will also be a fair amount of pressure coming from fans; I fear a repeat of when Toyota launched the A90 Supra that was not received very well by petrolheads. The reaction was “yes we want that, but not like that.”

The worry that I have for the LFR is if people start to view the car as a direct successor to the legendary LFA, they may be disappointed. Instead, think of it as a replacement for the saloon-based RC F. That is sure to get the excitement going, as this is a brand new from the ground-up coupé that will slot into a different segment than its supercar-baiting predecessor. 

What will be powering it? According to Autocar, the LFR will be sharing the V8 with the GR GT3 concept. The only differences could be the addition of turbochargers, hybrid assistance, or both. Don’t rule out the future use of the 5.0 litre hydrogen compatible V8 developed in partnership with Yamaha, as Toyota are joining Alpine in pushing the hydrogen combustion tech. 

Lexus LFR Concept
Lexus LFR showcased how an EV successor might look. Expect the forthcoming car to take huge cues from this concept
Lexus LFR Concept

Specific details such as power, price and top speed are currently very scarce. What we can assume though is the power. Thanks to the rules for GT3 race cars, they have to produce between 500 and 600 bhp. The racer will use pure piston power, but if the road car gets electrical assistance we could easily see over 600 bhp heading to the tarmac. This would put it right in the mix to rival the new Aston Martin Vantage and Mercedes AMG GT.  

Unlike its predecessor, the LFR will have a carbon monocoque from the beginning of its development, shared from the GR GT3 concept. The LFA got to the final stages of development before Lexus decided to throw away the metal chassis, as they realised they could make the car using carbon fibre and have a lighter finished product.

Not only have we been given a glance at the styling from the Toyota GR GT3 concept itself, but Lexus unveiled the Electrified Sport Concept in 2022 and to my eyes, there’s more than just a slight resemblance between the two. To my eyes, it looks almost production ready.

Will the LFR be a worthy successor of the legendary LFA, or will there be a sour taste left in our mouths like there was initially with the Supra? We may not have to wait too long to find out, as the racer is already testing ahead of its planned competitive debut in 2026, which Toyota say is in line with the plans for the road car.  Lexus’ parent company Toyota seems to be on a mission to keep the fire alive for us enthusiasts, with the recent rumours of a new MX5 rival coming. It appears that the legacy of Akio Toyoda will be thriving through this part of Gazoo Racing’s history.

Lexus LFR Concept
Toyota GR GT3 concept
Toyota GR GT3 concept

Written by

Aaron Stokes


24 May 2024

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