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Return of the Ford RS200 Announced

Updated: Jun 28

Return of the Ford RS200

On the 40th anniversary of its iconic Group B WRC car, Ford has announced a series of ‘entirely new icons remastered from the ground up and blueprint accurate continuation vehicles’ all developed under licence by Boreham Motorworks.

Regardless of how you classify them - be it continuations, recreations or restomods - the marketplace for modernised iconic cars shows no sign of losing momentum. Whether the work of an independent Garagista or a big time manufacturer looking to cash in, it seems every fortnight another icon is brought up to date, as the recent HWA Evo and Manhart MV8 prove. They’ll be competing in group tests before you know it.

This one however, carries a little more gravitas than most, because it's the legendary Ford RS200 Group B rally car, and up and down the country bobble hat enthusiasts have started twitching in unison. Details remain sparse at this time, with the press release merely containing a set of teaser images, but the talk is serious. 

Ford has commissioned Boreham Motorworks, its official partner ‘dedicated to preserving and enhancing the legacy of some of Ford’s most iconic vehicles’ to head up the project, with a promise to deliver ‘an ethos centred around achieving a peak analogue driving experience, ensuring that every model delivers stunning performance, authenticity, and driving pleasure’ through a ‘meticulous craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to honour the spirit of classic Ford engineering while catering to the modern automotive enthusiast.’

The RS200 needs little introduction, but the prospect of a modern interpretation making the most out of the Cosworth-powered mid-engine layout, 4WD and likely carbon fibre shell is a mouthwatering one. There is no word on power, price or numbers but the presser does go on to announce that the RS200 is merely the beginning, with at least five further iconic Fords to be celebrated over the course of the series. Indeed, a teaser for the Ford MK1 Escort continuation has also been included - a car set to be shown to the public later this year. Interest is now being accepted on the Boreham Motorworks website.

Whilst remaining out of touch for the majority, these cars appeal far more to the likes of us than any of the latest hybrid supercars. Can you imagine a future group test between the forthcoming MST Metro 6R4, Prodrive P25, Kimera Evo 37, Maturo Delta Integrale and this? Place your bets now.

Ford RS200 Recreation Teaser Images

Return of the Ford RS200
Return of the Ford RS200
Return of the Ford RS200
Return of the Ford RS200
Return of the Ford RS200

Ford Escort MK1 Continuation Teaser Images

Ford Escort MK1 Continuation
Ford Escort MK1 Continuation
Ford Escort MK1 Continuation


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