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A change of direction within the magazine


 Short Shift is a collection of bite-sized articles covering a wide variety of eclectic topics

Mazda's Forgotten MX-5 Coupe

Mazda has always shied away from producing a fixed-coupe version of its iconic MX-5. But that doesn't mean the Japanese firm hasn't dipped it's toes in the water, with some suitably quirky results...

by Alex Dunlop

The Lotus Esprit and The Spy Who Loved Me

Re-living the captivating story behind the selection of James Bond's Esprit, its transformation into a submarine and the key players at Lotus who made it all happen

By Craig Toone

Driving Matters - The Takona Story

Takona is a men's mental health and suicide awareness charity based around the car community. We are strong supporters of their mission. Founder Lewis Warren explains how the company came into being

By Lewis Warren

Stefan Bellof  |  Nurburgring Record

Stefan Bellof was an up-and-coming driver with a point to prove. During qualifying for the 1983 Nürburgring 1,000km he made it emphatically

By Craig Toone

Max Verstappen - 2021 Saudi Arabian GP Qualifying, The Greatest Lap That Never Was

Looking back on the god-tier lap Max Verstappen drove in his attempt to capture pole position at the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix...right up until the very last corner

by Jethro Noble

Jim Clark - 1965 British Grand Prix

Jim Clark won the Formula One British GP five times. One particular year, however, was a feat of excellence; during the final laps, whilst fending off a challenge from Graham Hill, only tyre squeal could be heard coming from his Lotus in the corners...

By Jethro Noble

Nissan R35 GTR 21st Century Concept

The sixth iteration of Nissan’s GT-R lineage was a bold and radical departure for one of Japan’s definitive super sports cars. Previously, the sage advice of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applied to the subtle evolution from R32 through to R34

By Andrew Ambrose

The History of BBS

BBS has suffered turbulent times of late. But their ability to innovate remains industry leading. Finlay Ringer celebrates the iconic wheel manufacturer

By Finlay

Farewell Fiesta

After 47 years of topping the UK sales charts, Ford has killed off the Fiesta supermini as it transitions to an EV-centric future. Kotto Williams mourns its demise

By Kotto Williams

Silverstone Classic 2022 Review

Tim Dunlop takes us on a guided tour of the Silverstone Classic show, choc full of mouth-watering modern classics

By Tim Dunlop

Sir Stirling Moss - 1955 Mille Miglia Record

A promising driver, a world-class team, a truck of unexploded bombs, a toilet roll and an unbeaten record. This isn't your typical race report

By Alex Dunlop

Porsche Boxster Concept

When you consider the behemoth that is Porsche today, it's difficult to imagine that back in 1993, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. The future of the firm hinged on one car, luckily that car was the Boxster

By Alex Dunlop

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