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A change of direction within the magazine


 Short Shift is a collection of bite-sized articles covering a wide variety of eclectic topics

Mazda's Forgotten MX-5 Coupe

Mazda has always shied away from producing a fixed-coupe version of its iconic MX-5. But that doesn't mean the Japanese firm hasn't dipped it's toes in the water, with some suitably quirky results...

by Alex Dunlop

Farewell Fiesta

After 47 years of topping the UK sales charts, Ford has killed off the Fiesta supermini as it transitions to an EV-centric future. Kotto Williams mourns its demise

By Kotto Williams

Jim Clark - 1965 British Grand Prix

Jim Clark won the Formula One British GP five times. One particular year, however, was a feat of excellence; during the final laps, whilst fending off a challenge from Graham Hill, only tyre squeal could be heard coming from his Lotus in the corners...

By Jethro Noble

Ken Block

The recent passing of Ken Block has left a huge hole in the car community, and it only seems right that we remember him for what he did, he made cars cool for a whole new generation

By Alex Dunlop

What Could've Been - The E36 M3 Compact

Jethro Noble ponders what could've been if BMW had put it's E36 M3 Compact into production, a car that would've redefined the hot hatch

By Jethro Noble

The Lotus Esprit and The Spy Who Loved Me

Re-living the captivating story behind the selection of James Bond's Esprit, its transformation into a submarine and the key players at Lotus who made it all happen

By Craig Toone

Mercedes CLK DTM AMG

How the sighting of an extremely rare three-pointed star gave Tim Dunlop a DTM fuelled daydream

By Tim Dunlop

Silverstone Classic 2022 Review

Tim Dunlop takes us on a guided tour of the Silverstone Classic show, choc full of mouth-watering modern classics

By Tim Dunlop

Max Verstappen - 2021 Saudi Arabian GP Qualifying, The Greatest Lap That Never Was

Looking back on the god-tier lap Max Verstappen drove in his attempt to capture pole position at the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix...right up until the very last corner

by Jethro Noble

Artega GT - Why Did it Fail?

On paper and in the metal, the Artega GT looked sensational. With big money and industry heavyweights backing the project, it looked to be a sure-fire success. However, things went sour quicker than milk left out of the fridge. So, where did it all go wrong?

By Tim Dunlop

RUF CTR Yellowbird - Faszination on the Nürburgring

Before the internet, Gran Turismo and social media, a hazy VHS went viral in the car community. Such was the car, and such was the manner in which it was driven, it's still talked about today

By Finlay Ringer

Primal Scream - Mazda 787B Le Mans Victory

Mazda's victory against all odds at the 1991 Le Mans 24hr remains the stuff of legend

By Paul Davies

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