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BMW Teases Next Generation M5 Touring

M5 touring teaser

Hot on the heels of the acclaimed M3 Touring, BMW M Gmbh has given us a glimpse of the next generation M5 touring

You want an M4, your wife wants you to get an SUV, your kids want a Tesla because it can fart and squashing your lockdown fur-baby into the boot of a sportscar doesn’t seem right. How do you compromise? You buy a fast estate car, which seems to be BMW’s new favourite body style.

After the success of the new M3 Touring, it seems BMW has remembered that fast estate cars are cool and now wants to give the long roof treatment to the next M5, which is a winner in our book. Set to launch in 2024 it’ll be the first M5 touring since the wailing banshee-powered E60 M5 of the late 2000s and the third iteration of the M5 estate which traces its lineage back to the E34.

Details are pretty scant right now but expect 600+BHP coming from an all-new Hybrid powertrain, 4wd, more configurable modes than your air fryer and brakes the size of dinner plates. It's not going to be cheap with a list price certainly north of £100k, it’ll probably weigh close to 2 tonnes and no doubt there will be a severe lack of buttons on the inside but honestly who cares? It's going to be ballistically fast, practical and most importantly isn’t an SUV.

More of this please BMW, we support your commitment to the family man who needs a 200mph family car that can drift.

BMW Teases Next Generation M5 Touring



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