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from pixels to print
our story

By Craig Toone, Rush Founder

I started Rush as a passion project during the Covid-19 lockdown. The goal was to feature the best iconic performance cars from the '80s, 90s and 2000s with a sprinkling of interesting new metal, and I make no secret of the fact RUSH is hugely inspired by EVO magazine and the much-missed Modern Classics.

I have always loved cars and writing, and fuelled by sheer bloody-minded determination, I armed myself with a basic laptop equipped with Microsoft PowerPoint, signed up for an Issuu account, and built a website on Wix.

Along the way I collected some like-minded individuals who believe in the cause and volunteered their time. It's essential for a magazine to have a multitude of voices to challenge the brief and add depth to the content. I am so grateful for their input.

Today the format remains simple - we simply try and create the magazine we want to read, with long-format articles about the cars we grew up idolising, whilst keeping the mag a hypercar free zone. Nobody here is a professional, we're just some harcore enthusiasts asking you to ride shotgun as we string a few sentences together.


Given the overwhelming positive feedback, Rush seems to be striking a chord, giving us the confidence to chase the dream  and turn Rush into a fully fledged print magazine. I hope you'll enjoy reading your copy as much as we've had creating it!

the Team
craig headshot

Craig Toone

founder, designer, benigh dictator

Doomed from the start - Craig grew up in the back of a Sapphire Cosworth and has been hooked on cars ever since, wearing the racing line into the carpet of the family home with his matchbox cars - can confirm Eu Rouge has nothing on the curve of an armchair. Can usually be found clipping apexes in the Forest of Bowland.

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ben headshot

Ben Midlane

lead photographer

A talent beyond his years, Ben is an up and coming young photographer worth keeping an eye on. A relentless work ethic combined with a compact frame and eye-popping flexibility result in some impressive tracking angles.

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key contributors
andew headshot

Andrew Ambrose

photographer and designer

Certified JDM nut and an absolute perfectionist, Andrew is also passionate about landscape photography helping him craft his unique, atmospheric style. Andrew has played an important role in establishing the early look and feel of the magazine and website

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jake headshot

Jake Thomas


The chill one with the patience of a saint and editing skills that are kind to gurning double chins, make Jake a favourite of Rush. Passionate about motorsports and 80's icons - Jake owns a BMW E30 325i Sport

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kotto headshot

Kotto Williams


Opinionated, left field and always entertaining, Kotto marches to his own beat. It's probably because he's high off all the petrol fumes from daily driving a TVR Chimaera, or because he still suffers from PTSD when he sold his A80 Supra Twin-turbo right before prices went nuts.

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john bee

John Bee


A committed track day addict who brakes late and wrestles with lift off oversteer, John ultimately prefers a slower pace on the road. He believes driving pleasure comes in many forms, whether its a wafting road trip in his XJ40, a marvel of engineering in his daily Audi A2, or a flat out lap in his Banzai Civic Type-R.

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